Art Room

Fully stocked and ready for your child to explore creative outlets, our art room is a fun place to spend some time.


In addition to weekly Secondary Chapel services, our auditorium hosts many school events throughout the year, like our Veterans’ Day program, Christmas Program, and Spring Program.

Baseball Field

Our baseball teams and fans enjoy games with covered dugouts for both home and away teams as well as space for fans to view the game up close from many angles.


Our full-service cafeteria has plenty of space for students to enjoy our amazing hot lunch program with salad bar, snack, and drink options.

Computer Lab

Our students learn a variety of technology topics, like coding and web design,  in our computer lab, which contains 24 desktop computers.


Bright and cheerful yet orderly and neat, our elementary classrooms give a glimpse into the fun learning opportunities that abound.


Home to many fun activities – from PE classes to pep rallies, our gym is also where our volleyball and basketball teams share exciting moments and make memories.

High School

Together with our middle school students, our 9th – 12th graders inhabit the Secondary building where they have the opportunity to learn in a variety of different ways in spaces made for each purpose.


Elementary school students love to check out books and hear stories, and high school students enrolled in dual enrollment earn college credit while working on computers in the library. The adjacent conference room is a quiet, comfortable space that serves many purposes.

Middle School

Together with our high school students, our 6th – 8th graders inhabit the Secondary building where they have the opportunity to learn in a variety of different ways in spaces made for each purpose.

Music Lessons

There are a number of places around the CCS campus that are conducive to making music. Private music lessons are offered to CCS students for a variety of instruments.

Music Room

Fine Arts are important to us at CCS, and our music room is a great spot for our vocalists and musicians to fine tune their talents.


Full of energy, our elementary school students enjoy an outdoor break from academics as they as they run, spin, swing, and play on our playground.


Our littlest patriots have plenty of space to explore many fun and exciting learning activities in our preschool, which houses our 2, 3, and 4-year-old classes.

Primary Building

Our primary building is home to the school office, CCS Preschool, multiple elementary classrooms, our music room, the main church auditorium, and Baker Auditorium, as well as a couple multi-purpose rooms.

School Store

Our school store is stocked with a wide variety of new or gently used uniform pieces as well as formal dresses and CCS spirit wear.

Science Lab

Our science lab is an interesting place to visit, especially during dissection time! Students gain much from stepping away from the textbooks and into hands-on learning in this space made specifically for that.

Secondary Facility

Aside from many classrooms, our middle/high school building houses the cafeteria, science lab, computer lab, gym, locker rooms, weight room, and library.

Soccer Field

A Friday night soccer game under the lights is a great gathering spot for students and families to enjoy a cool, crisp autumn evening. Add hot cocoa or slice of pizza from the Frontline Grill and it doesn’t get any better.

Weight Room

Our weight room offers plenty of equipment for students who choose weight lifting class as an elective as well as a place for our athletes to build strength during team workouts.

Wood Shop

It’s impressive to see what our woodworking students create with the equipment and tools made available to them in our wood shop.

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