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Making learning fun is one of my goals in teaching.  Seeing the smile on the kids’ faces when they learn pencil_02something new is what makes me love my job.  I have been in education for over 17 years. Nine of those seventeen, I have spent in the preschool classroom here at CCS.  I have a child who was at Carroll Christian since preschool and has now graduated. I loved watching him grow and learn here at CCS.  I want to make sure other families have the same positive experience.  Here in our preschool program, we mix learning with play to make it fun and easier for the children to retain what they are being taught.

I believe children learn in different ways, and our program offers a great variety to meet for your child’s learning needs.  Here at Carroll Christian, our “friends” enjoy table time, play time, center learning, and singing Bible songs together.  We focus on small and large motor skills, learning to socialize with others, and gaining respect for rules, leaders, and God.  We have implemented the iPad program at Carroll Christian.  Our “friends” have enjoyed using new technology as a learning tool to trace letters, draw shapes, learn colors, and read along with short stories.

schoolowl_03We would love to have you visit our preschool program.  Please feel free to contact our school office and schedule a tour. We promise your child will capture special memories to carry with them through their years to come.

Mrs. Crago

Preschool Teacher


To learn to be respectful and socialize well with others, to learn to be courteous, to participate in activities and discussions, to follow directions, to work quietly, both independently and in groups, to finish work, to show confidence, and exhibit self-control in speech and behavior.
To learn and enjoy Bible stories and apply them to their personal lives, participate in prayer time, and accurately learn, recite, and apply Bible verses.
To recognize numbers, learn to count objects, recognize number sequence, differentiate between before and after, and apply simple addition 
To learn self-control and obedience to those in authority
To be able to recognize basic colors, handle scissors, work with crayons and glue, recognize basic shapes, color within lines, recognize and write their own name, perform daily functions such as zipper, button, and snap, recite the alphabet, develop good listening skills, and put puzzles together
To be able to form letters and numbers correctly, to be able to print neatly, and hold pencils correctly
To recognizes letters, know the names and sounds of letters, blend sounds into words, and dictated sounds
To learn the sign for each letter of the alphabet