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CCS is using technology to create meaningful and infinite learning opportunities. We have expanded on our existing learning objectives by building a flexible and mobile environment at our school. We are encouraging creativity by allowing our students to communicate and collaborate. We are working to create exciting learning activities that allow our students to become more invested in their own Christ-centered education. CCS is committed to realizing the full potential that using technology in education creates for our students.


Across the country, schools are adopting iPad programs on an unprecedented scale and an unparalleled pace.  Our program is three years old, and we are working diligently to explore the educational opportunities that a 1:1 tablet program creates. In the fall of 2013 we began our program by issuing iPads to each staff member and high school student. We are eager to grow our 1:1 program across our entire school, but we are not willing to rush the process. We are looking beyond traditional content based apps and working to prepare our teachers and classrooms for the type of learning environment this program creates. We have no intention of using technology to replace any part our traditional learning objectives; we are simply using technology to expand on these objectives. Our iPads are not being used to replace our existing computers, and we feel that the iPad must be viewed as a single-user device in a successful tablet educational program. Our goal is to harness the full spectrum of portable creative potential that a 1:1 program creates without comprising the Christ-centered education that we have relied on for over 40 years.

Carroll Christian has chosen to partner with RenWeb to provide our parents and students with instant access to grades and homework, school announcements and directories, and much, much more! RenWeb has more than 300 features and offers an unmatched learning management system (LMS) that currently serves more than 3,000 schools worldwide. Integrating RenWeb has allowed us to automate mundane classroom tasks, freeing up our staff to spend more of their time shaping the lives of our students. We are using RenWeb to streamline our processes and cut down on duplicate data entry while connecting our faculty and families with the data they need to ensure that our students have the best educational experience possible.
We are pairing AppleTVs with big screen, high definition displays in our classrooms to create an environment where our teachers can move about freely to provide a more personal learning experience for our students. Our teachers are no longer tied to a desk and podium or even a fixed projector. Students can create and collaborate with the teacher and entire class instantly. The addition of the displays has allowed our teachers to expand on our solid, existing learning objectives by bringing an infinite amount of high quality multimedia content into the classroom. The displays allow our students to become more immersed in the classroom and naturally increase their critical thinking skills.
CCS is determined to expand on the educational concept of a traditional computer lab. While we still offer a fully equipped modern lab, we have begun creating new heterogeneous environments filled with engaging and collaborative technical spaces. In the fall of 2013, we began a new initiative to create this type of space in our school library. All our students now have access to a modern, shared, technical space that includes Windows 8 touch screen computers and an Apple iMac computer. This type of space integrated with our newly adopted 1:1 iPad program creates endless learning opportunities for our students and staff. We are working to making sure that our students and staff always have access to the most modern technical resources available by creating more of these types of spaces throughout our entire school.