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Middle School

Sixth grade Bible class uses the BJU curriculum. The course covers God’s redemption with the objective of teaching students to live the Bible as well as know the Bible. Ten units of lessons are arranged to aid the students in recognizing their need for the Savior, to encourage them to be Christlike, to provide practice of Bible skills, to connect the Bible to historical events, and to correlate other subjects with Bible teaching.

The seventh grade Bible class uses Positive Action for Christ curriculum. The course is titled “Wise Up” and covers 35 lessons based on the wisdom of Proverbs. Each lesson is geared toward the unique characteristics of 12-14 year old students. The study incorporates the application of biblical principles, Scripture memorization, and a variety of activities that enable the student to use scriptural truths in a variety of ways.

Our eighth grade Bible class uses BJU curriculum Bible Truths. The series is called “Lessons from the Early Church.” The lessons begin with Acts and continue chronologically through Paul’s earliest epistles. In eight units, fifty-six lessons have been designed to provide interest and application for the students. Student textbooks supplement the primary text which is the Bible.

In sixth grade, the curriculum used for Language and Grammar is the ABeka Curriculum. Textbooks used for seventh and eighth grades include the grammar series of John E. Warriner’s English Grammar and Composition.
Grade 7 First Course
Grade 8 Second Course

Students learn to do the following on various levels:
Identify sentences, fragments, compound sentences, and run-ons.

Practice capitalization and punctuation rules.

Develop good sentences and paragraphs.

Do a research paper.

Identify the eight parts of speech.

Diagram sentences.

Identify the definitions of words.

Poetry for sixth through eighth grade:
Memorize and recite poems orally.

All grades use the Bob Jones University Press curriculum.
Grade 6 Reading
Grade 7 Excursions in Literature
Grade 8 Explorations in Literature

Read and discuss stories.

Sixth grade History class uses Ancient World History from ABeka.

Seventh grade History studies the history of America in the ABeka Book America, Land I Love.

Geography: The purpose of this course is to help the student see the different geographical features of the earth and the different cultures and people of the world as well.

1. Students will do a research paper over a country of their choice.
2. Students will color and label maps of seven different countries.
3. Students will do a research paper over an ethnic group of their choice.

Textbook: Geography for Christian schools, BJU press

All sixth through eighth grade students use the BJU Press Math curriculum.

7th grade – Decimals, exponents, fractions, algebra, ratios, percents, geometry, measurements, analyzing data, and using probability.

8th grade (algebra readiness)- algebraic expressions, one-step equations, decimals, factors, ratios, solving equations, graphing, spatial thinking, area and volume, irrational numbers, and data analysis.

Observing God’s World: A Beka

Plants, invertebrates, the earth’s structure, the universe, space, matter, and chemistry are discussed.

7th Grade Science
Life Science with student activities: Bob Jones

Life, cells creationism, the plant kingdom, the animal kingdom, and the structure and function of the human body are discussed.

8th Grade Science
Earth Science: Bob Jones

Discuss the earth’s structure including matter, origin, volcanoes, earthquakes, minerals, rocks, fossils, and weathering.

Discuss the water world.

Identify the atmosphere, space, and space exploration.

Students in Middle School have a variety of electives to choose from to enhance their learning. Examples would include art, book club, journalism, band, and more.